Collection: Dorian Scale Handpan Drums

Dorian (MINOR)

  • Hexatonic version of a Dorian scale.
  • Minor scale with a major sixth, giving it a slighter major character
  • It presents a minor 3rd and a minor 7th.
  • The root note is the Ding, followed by the sequence to build the root minor chord. It is a very versatile scale, as the sequence of notes can highlight a natural minor scale starting from the 5th degree of the scale or a major scale starting from the 3rd degree. The absence of the subdominant note makes this version suitable to play over several major and relative minor scales.
  • Styles : mysterious, romantic, a dreamy atmosphere, smooth jazz, joyfulness.
  • Dorian:
    • C#3 Dorian (11 Note) - C#3-Ab3 Bb3 B3 C#4 Eb4 E4 F#4 Ab4 B4 C#5
    • F3 Dorian (9 Note) - F3-G3 Ab3 C4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5
    • F3 Dorian (9+2 Note) - F3-(C3 Eb3) G3 Ab3 C4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5

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