Collection: E Key Steel Tongue Drum

  • E Major
    The key of E has a bright and vibrant sound due to its collection of sharps (F#, C#, G#). It evokes a sense of energy and optimism. Experiment with different scales, chords, and progressions in E major to explore its sonic characteristics further.
    Noisy shouts of joy, laughing pleasure and not yet complete, full delight lies in E Major.
    Naïve, womanly innocent declaration of love, lament without grumbling; sighs accompanied by few tears; this key speaks of the imminent hope of resolving in the pure happiness of C major.
  • E Aeolian
    The Aeolian mode is a musical mode or, in modern usage, a diatonic scale also called the natural minor scale. 
    Sharing all of the same pitches with the natural minor scale, the Aeolian mode can be used in an incredibly wide range of musical contexts.
    Thus, it is found in much of the music on a minor key, and is sometimes modified by a harmonic or melodic minor key.
    If you play only the white notes, it is a key played on/starting and ending on A. It has a minor 3rd and a minor 7th in it. Melodic and harmonic minors will have the same but incorporate a B flat either going up or down.

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