Collection: 13 In 15 Notes

New titanium gold steel material was used

  • It is not easy to be corroded and unpainted. At the same time, its excellent flexibility and wear resistance prolong the service life of the product, which are difficult to reach by other common paints on the market.
  • The bottom of the titanium steel has a secondary stretching process, but the front side is not done, so the front side will have a slightly stronger magnetism. Our HLURU® Tongue Drums are hard at the bottom and soft at the front, and the bottom magnetism is a bit stronger than other HLURU's models.

Pearly lustre paint

  • Hluru Pearl Paint Steel Tongue Drum uses special mica instead of aluminum particles. The light reflected from its surface has a flash like pearls. From different angles, it has different colors. Therefore, pearlescent paint gives people a novel, colorful and dazzling feeling, which makes the appearance of ethereal drum more revealing the texture.
  • The disadvantage is that the actual effect of production is relatively slow, and the price is relatively expensive. .
  • The painting process used in the conventional type B is the conventional powder spraying process, which has the advantages of quick production effect and easy and stable forming.
  • The B-type flagship model (Titanium Steel Tongue Drumis independently delivered with a dedicated solid wood drum stand, while the regular model is not delivered.

Huashu Class D Tongue Drums: Carbon Steel Material

  • Huashu Carbon Steel: Huashu specially customized carbon steel from steel mills, which is different from fake carbon steel with more iron (Fe) impurities on the market. The carbon content of the carbon steel customized by the new Huashu series drum is based on Luruyuan’s high-end carbon steel. The carbon content of the carbon steel model is customized as a reference, the ratio is very stable, and the feature is that there is no "iron knocking" and the problem of rust and intonation is solved. After Luru’s original heat treatment process and secondary tuning, its pitch can also reach a professional-standard pitch of plus or minus 5 cents. Compared with the A, B, and C types of drums, the Huashu series drums can achieve the advantages of low price, high cost performance, and low entry level requirements for beginners.

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