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Learning musical instruments is important, but at the same time learning to buy

Ethereal drums are also called worry-free drums in some people's mouths, steel tongue drums. In fact, in general, Ethereal drums are called quite a lot, but the name is back to the name. You need to pay attention when you really need to buy them. what?

The size is often related to the number of tongues you need to use, and in terms of tongues, generally speaking, the more the better. Because for musical instruments, even if there is only one more tone, there are countless more possibilities. At present, the maximum number of tongues that the ethereal drum can carry can reach 15. If economic conditions permit, you can directly start with 15-tone ethereal drums to avoid Later, the lack of tongue caused performance problems.

If you want to get the ultimate ethereal sound, you can't ignore the material of the ethereal drum. Ethereal drums currently have several materials on the market. Carbon steel is a mixed material. A certain amount of steel and carbon are added to the material in the most suitable ratio to obtain a complete Ethereal drum. Titanium alloy ethereal drum, as the name suggests, it can be known from the people's name that the main component of the ethereal drum is titanium steel alloy. The copper infiltration material process adopts the perfect copper infiltration process to achieve the ultimate ethereal effect.

The selection of alloy materials is undoubtedly the most excellent copper infiltration process, which not only makes the sound of the ethereal drum to a higher level, but also achieves almost perfect sound and resonance.


Choose the tone, remember that the ethereal drum is not adjustable

Ethereal drum is not the same as the thumb piano. Although the thumb piano is also a new type of musical instrument, in terms of inclusiveness, the thumb piano is obviously higher. First of all, due to the production of the ethereal drum itself, the ethereal drum is beaten or collided. If the pitch is inaccurate at the time, it is easy to be scrapped, because the ethereal drum cannot be tuned autonomously in the later stage, but for the thumb piano, it is still controlled by the user when it leaves the factory. It’s enough to adjust the tone, and because of this, I say that the thumb piano is more tolerant.

At the same time, in terms of portability, the portability of the thumb piano is significantly higher, and although the ethereal drum has a smaller size, it is easier to carry, but there are many restrictions on the whole.


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