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New Arrivals! Sanskrit Handpans

Sanskrit Kurd Celtic D Minor 22 Inch 9/10/12 Notes Stainless Steel / Nitride Steel Handpan Drum, Available in 432 Hz & 440 HzSanskrit Kurd Celtic D Minor 22 Inch 9/10/12 Notes Stainless Steel / Nitride Steel Handpan Drum, Available in 432 Hz & 440 Hz
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Meet The Starburst Handpans

G Minor Mini Handpans - Good Quality & Low Price

Amazing Mountain Rain Handpans

  • We love the drum!

    "We found that the Hluru drum has a rich resonating sound and it takes only light taps to play. We are thoroughly pleased with our purchase."
    Laurene Ojeda 

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  • Best bang for buck

    "The Hluru team make amazing cost effective instruments like no other. Their hand pans sounds better than some local producers and their team is always helpful!Thanks so much and I love my instrument!"
    Jason Martin 

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  • Amazing present!!

    "I was so excited when my husband got me a drum for my birthday. I am not very coordinated but I can still create music that is pleasant to hear. I just know that with practice my playing will improve and I'll be able to make some really beautiful sounds.
    I am super happy with the quality. It is a beautiful instrument, well packaged and comes with a really cool carry bag. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to buy a well priced handdrum."
    Augustine Mathews

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  • Good handpan for the price (Stainless steel 10 note D minor)

    ''The shipping took more time than expected, but that was because of the COVID breakout again in China.
    The handpan seems to be good quality, no rust, or any other stain or damage on the surface. It was safely packaged. The soft case is only for easier transporting, that won't protect it from any damages. So you will probably need to buy a proper hard case for it. The engraving is beautiful.
    I played only on nitrited handpans before, so I can't compare it to another stainless steel handpan.
    It sounds well tuned, as it was shown in the video they esnt for confirmation after the purchase. The A4 note is a bit weak unfortunately compared to the other notes, which is a shame, because it's the farest note usually, so it's even more difficult to hit it harder, but other than that, all notes are fine. The ding is not as rich of overtones as I was expecting, but it's not bad, it's just that it could be a bit richer imho.
    Overall I think it's a great entry-level handpan, it was worth the price, I'm happy and satisfied with my purchase :)''

    Ágoston Péter 

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  • Great

    ''It's my first handpan so I didn't know what to expect, but everything turned out great: fair advice before placing the order, prompt responses to my emails, the handpan came in tune, with all the accesories. And of course great price.
    It was a little difficult to track the shipment, but it came to Eastern Europe in 14 days.
    I like that it is smaller than the standard ones so it's easier to handle. I wish I ordered a different scale, like D minor, but that's on me, maybe next time.
    So overall I would totally recomand this mini handpan, especially for a begginer like me.''

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  • Very Happy Customer

    ''This drum has a beautiful low resonance that I was looking forward to, and has the two octaves (15 tongues) to expand the range of songs I can play. Amazing pure tone, the color is (sea ripple) is very pleasing and goes well with the grey cording. Great accessories too. Thank you for making such a quality product.''

    Adrian Dube 

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  • Love it!

    ''It's small, well made with wonderful tone ❤️''

    Dobrila Zvonarek 

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  • Hollow Rosewood Kalimba

    ''This is an absolutely beautiful instrument, if not divine. It sounds so angelic and the wood is amazing. The tines have such spring to othem it feels so good to play it.''

    Noel Alexandra 

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