Kolekcja: HLURU Upgrade Level C Handpan Drums

HLURU High-end Level C Upgrade Handpan Drums

    • If you want to play Handpan Drums, you deserve to know us
    • HLURU instruments have been loved and recommended by many music lovers from all over the world.
    • In the field of Handpan Drums, we only follow international handcrafted standards.
    • Relax the mind, forget everything around, and unite body and mind, which can be combined with yoga, tai chi, meditation, meditation.
    • Luxurious atmosphere, quite collectible.

  • RUBBER EDGE - Special material wrapping
    • It has the effect of sound collection and makes the overtone clearer.
    • The special craftsmanship and material of the RUBBER EDGE can assist the sound collection, reduce the dissonant resonance, make the overtone clearer, and the reverberation more pleasant and agile.

  • Our exclusive LOGO
    • You can choose whether to engrave this LOGO on the handpan drums you ordered. If there is no special instruction, we will engrave this LOGO by default.

Powerful HLURU

  • We have participated in many exhibitions, spread the production standards of HLURU to many people, and have been widely praised.
  • Only truly handcrafted, can its phonology reflect the unique charm of Handpan Drums.

Trust me, I'll show you ······

Artist Adrian X HLURU

  • Adrian is a musician from Melbourne, Australia. He is a high-end player in the international field of Handpan Drums. He uses Handpan Drums to show positive, warm and pure artistic beauty.
  • HLURU has returned to its standard from many artistic trends, insisting on making hand-made Handpan Drums, which coincides with Adrian's musical expression, and jointly promote the beauty of hand-made Handpan Drums' craftsmanship and the beauty of music.

Are you still playing Machine Pressing Handpan Drums?

Then stop playing!
Play Handpan Drums, choose the one handmade!
HLURU only makes high quality handmade Handpan Drums!

Professional players tell you how to choose Handpan Drums.

HLURU integrates Eastern and Western cultures and interprets the spirit of Handpan Drums.
Like me, it has the character to play Handpan Drums.
We are all professional players!
—Artist Adrian


  • Look, it has endless hammer marks! These are hand-tuned Handpan Drums.
    • Handmade
      • * No clear borders.
      • * The sound pit has hammer marks.
      • * Hammer marks are different for each Handpan Drums.
    • Machine Pressing
      • * The sound pit is flat and smooth.
      • * Clear boundaries.
      • * No hammering marks.


Look at the three truths that will lead you to identify excellent Handpan Drums.
Handpan Drums is known as "one of the high-frequency instruments on earth", and the sound is very unique. Let me show you the three truths of high-end handmade Handpan Drums.

  • 1. Stainless Steel Thickened Handpan Drums - Long-lasting intonation
    • The thicker and harder the Handpan Drums are, the more consistent they are in keeping their intonation. Compared with the regular thickness of 1.0mm, HLURU Handpan Drums is thickened to 1.2mm, which is more difficult to make, and the effect of maintaining intonation is better and better.

  • 2. Manual Hammer Zone (Boundless Tuning) - No breaking sound or muting
    • Tuning techniques and methods directly affect the sound quality.
    • The surface of the hand-tuned sound area is uneven, and the tightness of the sound area is finely controlled, so that the volume is balanced, and there will be no mute or broken sound, and the overall sound is ethereal.
    • *Machine-made Handpan Drums are molded at one time, without adjusting the tightness, the volume of Handpan Drums is not balanced enough, which can’t be compared with hand-made Handpan Drums.

  • 3. Special material wrapping - It has the effect of sound collection and makes the overtone clearer
    • The special craftsmanship and material of the edging can assist the sound collection, reduce the dissonant resonance, make the overtone clearer, and the reverberation more pleasant and agile.


  • Hand-made tuning zones to make high-end Handpan Drums sound, sustain and overtones even better. When choosing Handpan Drums, these three aspects are very important.
  • Hand-made Handpan Drums - The pitch reaches the international standard <±5 cents, which can meet the needs of professional performances.
    • * Handmade Handpan Drums:
      • Tone: Ethereal and Pure
      • Sustain: Long and Melodious
      • Overtones: Clear and Transparent
    • * Machine Suppressing Handpan Drums:
      • Tone: Dull and Empty
      • Sustain: Continuous Mute
      • Overtones: Faint

    Just Follow Me and Play!

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