Which musical instruments are in the same category of the Ethereal Drum?

In a sense, the ethereal drum is actually a kind of percussion, because it is a classification of drums. In fact, our impression of the drum club is similar to the current snare drum, that is, the kind of drum that can be beaten hard on the drum surface with two sticks. It is rarely seen in daily life, but in TV dramas, it is generally more reliable as long as it is a dynasty. The previous historical dramas will appear, and even the term “beating the drums and grieving injustices” came because of the drums.

However, the ethereal drum we are talking about today is actually very different from the snare drum. In terms of shape, the body of the ethereal drum is very small, but for snare drums, it is more than that. Secondly, the ethereal drum can emit. The sound is also different from the snare drum, and it is also different in terms of maintenance. Although the ethereal drum does not require long-term maintenance, occasional maintenance is also more conducive to better sound when playing.

In addition, drum instruments like drums are all percussion.


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