Don't Hesitate to Take steel tongue Drum Home!

The steel tongue drum is coated with water-based environmentally friendly paint that against tarnishing, scuffs, and scratches. It is a long lasting percussion instrument that you can always keep. Cut with lasers for perfect tuning and checked by professional artisan, each "Lotus Leave" of the 13 tongues emits excellent resonance vibration and brings you pure, smoothing and peaceful sound experience from every single note hit. 14 note steel drum can be played with most common tunes, works better than 14-tones steel tongue drum does. 

Steel Tongue Drum have variety color, Dark Blue, Black, Stone Green, Gold, Silver, Blue. You will have many choose for a gift, such as Christmas, birthday and so on. You can easily carry the tongue drum for a variety of activities, including music education, mind healing, yoga, meditation, music therapists, religious activities and more. it comes with a free travel bag,

With abundant and highly contrasting texture combines the timbre of Chime, Qing, Songbo (Traditional Chinese musical instruments), Guqin (A seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither) and Zither. Learning to play tongue drum enhances musicians’ imagination, concentration and memory, improves physical and mental health and makes you calm, optimistic and transparent.  


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