Yang Abao as the spokesperson for the image of Ethereal Drum

Hluru Musical Instrument Knowledge∣ Perceive the world with a pure heart, the national style is ethereal, love life, and insist on creating.

HLURU.SHOP officially announced that the instrument master Yang Abao has unlocked a new identity and served as the spokesperson of the HLURU.SHOP empty drum image, fresh and natural , The drum rhyme is ethereal, and Yang Abao plays in a brand-new style, giving the ethereal drum more beauty. The simple and easy-to-handle instrument makes the beautiful sound at your fingertips, and creates the perfect sound in a pure way,whether it is Yang Abao or It is HLURU, who has always maintained a pure pursuit attitude towards the work, returning to the basics, picking up the drumsticks and tapping it, like the sound of the morning bell, emptiness and enlightenment, scrolling and relaxing.