How to distinguish the authenticity of HLURU® Tongue Drums?

HLURU is the only musical instrument company in China with a production license number, so all Tongue drums over 10 inches are engraved with the corresponding production execution number on the back cover.
There is a white label on the inner layer of the drum bag, which fills in the production-related information of the drum bag in turn (product number, place of origin, etc.)

  • The surface material of Tongue Drums is weakly magnetic.
    • Explanation: The arced positions of cold-worked steel and steel alloy materials are all weakly magnetized, which is a physical phenomenon. There is a comparison in the video. But they are all weakly magnetic, and the tensile pressure in the middle welding part is high, indicating more magnetism, but it is not that the material is iron-containing. No matter how the iron is stretched or processed, the plane and the arc are strong magnetism.

    • In addition, the bottom of the titanium steel has a secondary stretching process, but the front side is not done, so the front side will have a slightly stronger magnetism. Our HLURU® Tongue Drums are hard at the bottom and soft at the front, and the bottom magnetism is a bit stronger than other HLURU's models.
    • The side edges of Tongue drums are protected by two layers, the first layer is soft rubber, and the second layer is woven rattan. The shape of the woven rattan and the drum fits very closely, and will not slide and fall off easily.

  • Note: This identification method does not include Huashu series products. The material of the Huashu series is carbon steel.
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