What is the difference between an ethereal drum and a hand dish?

The difference between the ethereal drum and the Luru hand disc. The ethereal drum is an instrument that has been handed down since the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The hand disc was invented in 2000 and was invented and produced by two Swedish musicians. Beat and tune to get to the perfect musical instrument at present.

In addition to the certain difference in the time of invention, the overall structure is actually different. The upper part of the hollow drum is hollowed out, and the hand dish is not hollowed out like the hollowed drum at the lower part, but is completely enclosed. Resonance, but there are also hollow drums with a hollow bottom on the market. Secondly, in terms of timbre, the hand-disc sound is translucent, the sound is long and powerful, and the ethereal drum sound is relatively ethereal and crisp, giving people a sense of clarity and purity that cannot be rejected.


What is the structure of the ethereal drum?

Because the materials of various ethereal drums and the bearing tongues and shapes have certain differences, here is an example of a 14-inch Luru disc drum and introduces some basic structures of ethereal drums.

In terms of shape, the ethereal drum is mainly circular or oval as a whole. According to the tone and material of the ethereal drum, the part of the shape will be adjusted to obtain better adjustments, and Luru's copper-infiltrated butterfly shape The body of the drum is mainly circular.

In terms of materials, the difference is actually quite big. It mainly includes three types of materials: copper-containing steel, titanium steel, and steel-titanium alloy. Luru's butterfly drum uses copper-containing steel that does not contain strong magnetism as the main material. Ethereal drum designed with materials, this Ethereal drum is not only very pure in tone, but also has the characteristics of not being easy to rust, which greatly reduces the shortcomings of copper instruments that require continuous maintenance.

In terms of the tongue, this ethereal drum carries a total of 14 sounds, which can be adapted to various playing scenes.


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