What do newcomers need to do?

Ethereal drum knowledge

Musical instruments have always been the best way to express the grievances and sorrows in life. With the improvement of living standards, people's spiritual needs continue to strengthen. Musical instruments, from just a few people in the past, have become well-known musical bridges, and gradually penetrate into our daily lives.

And with the popularity of musical instruments, some people have picked up instruments that were once forgotten by people, and some people have found another new instrument in a world full of rich sounds, and today we are going to discuss it is full of many An instrument born of beautiful timbre-ethereal drum.


What do newcomers need to pay attention to when learning?

The Ethereal Drum was born in the early 20th century, and it is almost 20 years ago. However, the Ethereal Drum has been developing very rapidly during the past 20 years. Of course, this may also be due to the bronze chimes that are similar to hers. The timbres produced by the two instruments are very good, ethereal, and people are impressed and linger after listening.

Although the sound is clever and the music is ethereal, it is still difficult to learn if you are a novice, because for novices, from the initial selection stage to the subsequent practice and maintenance, it is actually difficult.


The most discomforting selection is actually what we often say about what brand of ethereal drums we want to buy, what shape or form of ethereal drums, whether patterns are needed, and whether the requirements for timbre and range are high. What is your opinion on the price, etc., are all for us and you to consider.

It’s relatively easy to practice in the practice stage, because when we buy it, the merchant often attaches an empty training manual. We can follow the manual and which side to teach, but there is something that needs to be recognized. , If you still don’t talk, you can find some instructional videos on the Internet, and then learn.

The last point, and the most boring one, is the maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of the ethereal drum is relatively simple, but today, when everything is more cumbersome, everyone is actually unwilling to spend more time on maintenance, so It feels more cumbersome in many cases.


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