What Are The Various Uses of Tongue Drums?

The tongue drum is a melodic percussion instrument that promotes self-expression through music. Its soft, relaxing and melodious sounds make it a popular instrument for music therapy and relaxology.Its handling is very easy and playful so that from the first try you can create melodies that will enchant you with their beauty. No worries to have while playing it as no false note is possible.You just have to let it go and enjoy the moment.

The Beat Root Multi Scale tongue drum is made of the same alloy as the acoustic and electro-acoustic version and is all made in France. It is shaped and cut using advanced technology and tuned in our workshop.

Music is one among the oldest art forms on our planet. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors fashioned instruments out of logs, bamboo, sticks and even animal bones. Today, we are still being creative and finding new ways to form beautiful melodies. One example of a recently developed instrument is that the tongue drum.Tongue drums are percussion instruments made up of propane cylinders and became increasingly popular since their creation within the late 2000s thanks to their relaxing sounds, simple playing, portability and their unique UFO-like appearance.

There are many various situations and reasons why one might want to play a tongue drum. Not only is it an excellent instrument, but it's also a tool for locating inner peace. Whether you're headed to a musical performance with friends or a therapy session with a healthcare professional, it's possible you'll encounter the soothing, mystical tones of a steel tongue drum.

Tongue drums have gained such popularity largely thanks to their calming, peaceful notes. Their soft melodies have branded them as a wellness instrument. As such, tongue drums are great musical companions to meditation practice.

Their pleasant and relaxing sounds create a relaxing environment. the mixture of meditation and tongue drums are often restorative. While playing the drum, you ought to be ready to regulate your breathing to the rich melody you're playing. As you play with intention, you're ready to breathe with intention also .

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