UU Drum For D Minor

As a rhythmic instrument, UU drum can not only play with other instruments, but also play independently;it is a new type of tongue drum with unique double-tone tongue design,it can resonates across octaves to make sounds with fuller tone color.perfect for personal meditation,yoga,zen,sound healing, stimulates imagination and creativity.

it is easy to make melodious drum sounds,D minor and  9/10/11) tones  (D3/A3/A#3/C4/D4/E4/F4/G4/A4/C5) design; easy to play, just using your hands or the included mallets to beat the drum tongues, then you will have melodious drums sounds.

No musical background needed to play the Hand Pan Drum, just bring a sense of exploration and yourself.Comes with a carry bag for convenient transport, you can bring the drum with you wherever you go. It has a wide range of sound and can be played with mallets or with your fingers. No musical background is needed, just follow your heart to explore, and its ethereal sounds can purify your mind and soul, and makes you achieve inner peace. 

The UU drum is widely used in music education,mind healing,yoga practice,zazen,spiritual rehabilitation,religious activities and more.It will emit pure and soothing notes,which will healing for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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