Tongue Drum is An Ideal Musical Instrument For Music Therapists

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is an ideal musical instrument for music therapists.If one seeks to act on mood or anxiety, the practice of an instrument such as the tongue drum.Its soft sonorities will low the rate of a hormone related to stress called "cortisol" and release endorphins to calming and analgesic.By stimulating the senses of touch, sight and hearing, the tongue drum is somehow "the ideal tool" of the therapist.

The Steel Tongue Drum was made of high-grade steel-titanium alloy material,strictly hand-tuned and precisely hand-cut,every pitch is perfect.No musical background is needed, just follow your heart to explore,and its ethereal sounds can purify your mind and soul, and makes you achieve inner peace.You can play it with the included drum mallets or with you hands,and the included note sticks enable beginners to learn and play it more easily.Great for personal meditation, yoga practice, zazen, music therapists, performances, religious activities, etc.Comes with a carry bag for convenient transport, you can bring the drum with you wherever you go.Perfect for yoga and meditation.Help you relax;

8 Tone C Key Round TongueThis small steel drum can produce beatiful sound. The sound will flow through your ear into your heart and make your calm and relax.are precision cut with lasers for perfect tuning, which have a range of sound and can be played with mallets or with your fingers.This small steel drum can produce beatiful sound.The sound will flow through your ear into your heart and make your calm and relax.

Applicable to a variety of fields, including music education, family party,mind healing, yoga meditation and so on. With many of musical scores, even beginners can play extremely pleasant music in accordance with the score.


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