The difference between the 11-tone and the 13-tone ethereal drum?

What is the difference between the 11th and 13th notes of the Ethereal Drum?

As the ethereal drum shows its "top corner" in everyone's life, more and more people are slowly beginning to pay attention to this instrument with the ultimate ethereal sound, so in life the 11th and 13th notes of the ethereal drum What is the difference?

In fact, there is no big difference in the range of the ethereal drum, but for multi-scale ethereal drums, there is a particularly obvious advantage. The two extra syllables are actually something that everyone can find, whether it is from Literally, there is a certain gap between the style of the ethereal drum, but everyone only knows that there are two more syllables after seeing it, and I don't know what the extra syllables mean for the ethereal drum.

In fact, the extra syllables of the ethereal drum can not only better integrate the music with other instruments, but also break the feature that the ethereal drum is not suitable for fusion with other instruments. It is a positive channel for the ethereal drum.

So when choosing, I suggest you buy a 13-tone ethereal drum.


How long is the life of the ethereal drum?

How long the ethereal drum can be used is actually a matter of concern to the majority of ethereal drummers, but regarding the use of ethereal drums, there must be a topic here, the maintenance of ethereal drums, generally speaking, as long as it is an instrument, it will actually face maintenance. The problem is that the material of the ethereal drum is a little better for metal, and the difficulty of wooden instruments is relatively difficult. As for how long the ethereal drum can be used, this is related to the degree of maintenance.

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