Steel Tongue Drum is Perfect For Personal Meditation

Our 14 notes tongue drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. A total of 14 tones consisting of pentatonic scales, with a large number of musical scores, even beginners can play extremely pleasant music by the score.Made of Steel-Titanium alloy, strictly hand-tuned and precisely hand-cut, it can produce a clean,ethereal, Buddha-like sound. Protective lacquer finish guards against tarnishing, scuffs,and scratches.  

There are methods of enjoying well the drum,you can play it in different places.Comes with a music book and mallets. Playing it with hands demands more accurate tapping position, therefore using mallets is your first choice. The sound under the mallets will be more penetrating, purer and more ethereal.
This tongue drum with D major 14 notes is handmade by professional craftsmen. Although it is simple in structure, the sound is very pleasant and it is a kind of sound like Buddha's tones. Even beginners can easily master and play wonderful music. Suitable for children's music education so that he can play with ease . At the same time, because its voice is very ethereal, it is also used in spiritual healing and yoga meditation and pretty helpful for calming down people's emotions. 

Beginners can learn how to play in ten minutes by using textbooks and scale stickers. You can play 14 notes steel tongue with the rubber topped mallets included or simply with your hands. This tongue drum is more suitable for direct hand tapping. We hit it with drumsticks, the tongue drum sound will be slightly off.


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