Steel Tongue Drum is Handmade By Professional Craftsmen

A tongue drum percussion instrument comprises a cylindrical shell, a circular tone plate and a plurality of fasteners. The cylindrical shell has a plurality of mounting posts extending from one edge surface.

The circular tone plate is a flat metal plate provided with a plurality of tongues having a specific angle between the edges. The plurality of tongues are different in length and extend inwardly from an outer peripheral edge of the flat metal plate. The tongues are separated by radial slits and have mounting holes arranged at the ends of the slits. Different lengths of open space is created between oppositely facing end faces of the tongues. 

Alloy Copper Tongue Drum features samples from a famous steel tongue drum. Also called hank drums, these instruments are usually made out of propane tanks with tongues of different sizes and tuned in different scales. The instrument we have sampled features 14 tongues and it’s tuned in E minor pentatonic. It was played both with hands and rubber mallets along with some sound effects with hands and brushes. The sound has a long release and is rich in harmonics.

Beginners can learn how to play in ten minutes by using textbooks and scale stickers. You can play with the rubber topped mallets included or simply with your hands.

After the paint is formed, the second tuning is performed, and the intonation pitch is plus or minus five, so the tone is smoother and more pleasant, the volume is louder, and the tonality is more accurate.

Tongue drum voice is very ethereal, and can emit pure, soothing notes. it is used in music education, spiritual healing and yoga meditation. What's more, It is pretty helpful for calming down people's emotions.

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