Get Steel Tongue Drum 13 Inches to Enjoy The Music

Steel Tongue Drum 13 Inches,Cut with lasers for perfect tuning and checked by professional artisan, each "Lotus Leave" of the 13 tongues emits excellent resonance vibration and brings you pure, smoothing and peaceful sound experience from every single note hit. 15 note steel drum can be played with most common tunes, works better than 11-tones steel tongue drum does. 

Made of steel and titanium, after strict manual adjustment and precise manual cutting, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound, which can reduce stress and bring relaxation to your life. 

You can beat the steel drum with your fingertips to get a light sense of music, and you can play different sounds. In addition, the sound produced by tapping the tongue drum with a stick is clearer and fuller. Whether it is a beginner or a musician, it is easy to get started. It is a nice and special gift for friends, children, music lovers. Package includes: steel drum, mallets, english music book, bag, notes stickers, picks. 

No musical background is needed, just follow your heart to explore, and its ethereal sounds can purify your mind, and makes you achieve inner peace.

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