Buy Quality Steel Tongue Drum From hluru

Steel Tongue Drum is a nice and special gift for friends, children, music lovers. Package includes: steel drum, mallets, english music book, bag, notes stickers, picks.You can beat the steel drum with your fingertips to get a light sense of music, and you can play different sounds. In addition, the sound produced by tapping the tongue drum with a stick is clearer and fuller. Whether it is a beginner or a musician, it is easy to get started. 

They are made of a titanium alloy made of steel, coated with protective spray paint to prevent tarnishing, scratches and scratches. Handcrafted by artisans, the 15-note tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. 

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A tongue drum is a musical drum that has parts of the exterior cut, or slit, to provide for a certain sound when the user strikes a portion of the drum. Our drum is made of a metal steel. Its design features a round metal surface with C shaped cuts, providing for a variety of tones.Usually, the way a tongue drum is set up, striking various parts of the drum will provide different tones for the percussion.

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