Alloy Steel Tongue Drum come with Wonderful Tones

The steel tongue drum comes with beautiful notes,it is made of steel-titanium alloy, accurately cut by professional craftsmen, and is equipped with shock-proof silicone feet and a sealed bottom to make the sound more is strictly modulated by hand, can accurately produce 8 notes, the sound is crisp,can make people relax and relieve stress. 

It is strictly modulated by hand,can accurately produce 8 notes,the sound is crisp,can make people relax and relieve stress. Steel Tongue Drum, also called Lotus Drum, implies to be happy to forget sorrow. Hand-built, artificially tuned, and the tone is accurate and sound. When playing it , a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound will be reverberating in the air.

Having a sound stopper on the back, with a hidden function: changing the timbre of the Steel Tougue Drum. When sound stopper is installed, the timbre is fuller and deeper, the sustain tone is short, suitable for playing modern pop music; as sound stopper is disassembled, the timbre is clearer, louder and longer, suitable for playing Chinese classical music.

The steel tongue drum is equipped with mallets and music scores. As long as you practice more on the music scores, you can play a wonderful song whether you are a child or an adult. The hangdrum excites the entire cavity thought the vibration of the tongue. Whether you are playing by hand or the drumstick, you need to control the strength, not excessive force or too lightness. When playing by drumsticks, please play with appropriate force and avoid rough operation for the instrument concern.

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