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Thumb piano kalimba knowledge


The origin and characteristics of the thumb piano kalimba.

Thumb piano (or "Carlimba" in English: Carlimba) is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa. In different African countries, the thumb piano has different names. For example, Kalimba is the name of this instrument in Kenya, while in Zimbabwe it is called Mbira, and the Congolese call it Likembe. It also has names such as Sanza and Thumb Piano. . It is mainly named after the thin sheet (mainly made of wood, bamboo, and metal in modern development) on the piano body with the thumb. The traditional thumb piano uses a gourd to make a resonator.

The thumb piano is a musical instrument originated in a country in Africa, but which country it originated from has not yet been verified. Its main timbre is crisp sound and ethereal collision sound. The sound of the thumb piano is long and long. It has a series of characteristics such as crispness and sweetness. The instrument is easy to carry and is suitable for soundtracks and ensemble in various scenes.


Music of the thumb piano.

Compared with large musical instruments, the thumb piano is more common in life, but compared with some of the more popular instruments, it is actually insignificant, because although it is very easy to carry, the reputation of the thumb piano is far less than that of some large instruments, so it is also insignificant. Few people will take the initiative to learn. The general users are those who have already begun to understand the thumb piano. So how can we learn if we want to learn in real life?

At this time, the importance of the Internet began to show. In fact, there are a large number of thumb piano performance videos and teaching videos on the Internet. It is recommended that you mainly go to see Teacher Yang Abao and Teacher Yu Butterfly. Both of their performance videos are very beautiful. And practical, it can also teach you some knowledge of thumb piano.

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