Hand Pan Drum Is Handmade By Professional Craftsmen

Hand Pan Drum is handmade by professional craftsmen.The sound is very pleasant and it is a kind of sound like Buddha's tones.The tongue drum has a adequate range of sound,Suit for a variety of fields,such as music education,percussion concert,mind healing, yoga meditation.

Our 14 notes hand pan drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. A total of 14 tones consisting of pentatonic scales, with a large number of musical scores, even beginners can play extremely pleasant music by the score.

Upgrading Perfect Sound,after the paint is formed, the second tuning is performed, and the intonation pitch is plus or minus five, so the tone is smoother and more pleasant, the volume is louder, and the tonality is more accurate.

Silicone feet stabilize the Professional drum's position during playing. Silicone feet are shockproof. The bottom of the tongue drum is sealed, so the tone is smoother, the volume is louder, and the tonality is more accurate.

Playing Hand Pan Drum with hands demands a more accurate tapping position, therefore using mallets is your first choice. The sound under the mallets will be more penetrating, purer, and more ethereal.

Tongue voice is very ethereal and can emit pure, soothing notes. Steel drum 14 note is used in music education, spiritual healing, and yoga meditation. What's more, 14 notes hand pan drum is pretty helpful for calming down people's emotions.

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