Hand Pan Drum Bring You a Perfect Sound Healing.

Comes included with a stool,soft bag,and cleaning cloth.The stool this comes is perfect for low-ground practicing and can be dual-used as a handpan drum stand. The miniature beater which is included is recommended for harmonic testing instead of actual performing.The cleaning cloth and soft bag are sturdy and long lasting. 
The handpan is a wholly immersive and intuitive instrument which even the most entry-level of musicians can learn. Ideal for meditation in groups or on an individual basis, teaching music theory, or playing with friends and family. Attached videos will demonstrate how to learn and play the handpan for everybody. 

We've seen a lot of handpans over the years and fortunately, been able to try most of them. We've tried and tested the likes of others you see on platforms and are very proud to be able to offer the most superior of them all, the Generation 4 in D Kurd in Gold. It sings like an angel with its great but controlled projection.

Its easy-to-play harmonics which don't require the typical two-handed technique but rather just one tap on the head of the note (see tutorial video above) makes it all the more versatile. Finally, it's lightweight at only 8.5lbs and comes with a very convenient bag and spare pair of beaters and a cleaning cloth for anyone curious about accessories. There's a stool too! 
Notice the Bb (the third note) to the bottom left of the handpan. This very special note is what distinguishes a D Minor scale from would be typically considered a 'Celtic' to what here is a Kurd.
The drum is famously mysterious and suspenseful-sounding which is what makes it such an excellent handpan scale. Any video you've ever seen of a handpan player, whether it's been Daniel Waples, or Hang Massive, was on a D Kurd because this was the first scale chosen by the first-ever handpans. If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to learn the handpan and really take advantage of this majestic scale, check out our free tutorials on Youtube at NovaPans or even here in the listing images where we have some introductory ones. 
Each hand-disc drum is tuned by a tuner through professional equipment, so that each note has a beautiful sound. 

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