A Pure Handmade Handpan Drum

Hand pan is made of stainless steel material made of stainless steel material,this high-quality pan steel drum is wear-resistant and rust-proof for beautiful outlook and long time use.it is a musical instrument in the idiophone class.Made of Stainless steel material,constructed from two half-shells of deep drawn with hollow inside,pan drum is designed for beautiful outlook and durability.Hand pan in D Minor 9 notes,including 1 center note and 8 tone fields for beautiful vibration sound.A great choice for street performances,festival celebration,friends,families gathering,etc.

With the sound test all notes have excellent resonance vibration each noe checked with a tuner-minimum pssible fluctuations for beautiful vibration sound.percussion drum combine the hammer to achieve more beautiful vibration sound.generally played with the hands and fingers.producting softer and warmer sounds.

Hand Pan Drum comes with this gorgeous gold coating. Despite its beauty, it is in fact a protective layer against rust, a coating which you'll find being used across all handpans and which is called a "nitrided coating".

D Kurd scale: (D3), A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4 and A4. Long deemed the "Daniel Waples' scale" the D Kurd is one used by thousands of handpan players today, simply because it used to be the only scale available. 

Mini Handpan Alloy Steel drum comes included with a stool, soft bag, and cleaning cloth. The stool this comes is perfect for low-ground practicing and can be dual-used as a handpan stand. The miniature beater which is included is recommended for harmonic testing instead of actual performing. The cleaning cloth and soft bag are sturdy and long lasting. 

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